Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy

Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy — Woman, especially pregnant mothers, commonly complained about stuffy nose during pregnancy to their doctors. They can handle this stuffy nose during pregnancy that they try to inhale from mouth. Sure, it is not comfortable. Nothing happens when they try to exhale from their nose. Their nose is just blocked.

Stuffy Nose During Pregnancy

There are several facts and things around stuffy nose during pregnancy:

Allergies — Allergies are always becoming the main cause of every kind of stuffy nose. Allergies are triggered by dust, maybe dust from beds. Beds always contain dust, although we often do not realize it. Therefore, try to change the bed sheets at least once in a week. People with sensitive body immune system will come with allergic symptoms, like itching, swelling, or mucus production. This mucus production can cause pregnant women to suffer from stuffy nose during pregnancy.

Rhinitis — Pregnant women with stuffy nose during pregnancy can experience coughing and sneezing during pregnancy. This condition is called pregnancy rhinitis. It is so irritable that makes women do not be able to sleep and breathe well. About twenty to thirty percent of pregnant mothers suffer stuffy nose during pregnancy and most of them do not have allergies or viral infections.

This may appears around the early months of pregnancy and stops around the last month or about a few weeks after the baby is born. Increase of estrogen hormone in pregnant women can stimulate inflammation around the mucous tissue in the nose passage, making your body produce more mucus. Increase of blood flow also becomes another cause of stuffy nose during pregnancy that make the mucus production increases, as it can lead to enlargement of nasal membranes.

Women with past impact or trauma — Women with past impact or trauma around their face may suffer nasal septum deviation that can cause stuffy nose during pregnancy. This condition can come due to pressure around nose, especially when women gave birth.

Drugs — Drugs can make some pregnant women tend to be sensitive and suffer stuffy nose during pregnancy. They are allergic to some drugs because of changes of body hormone. Actually there are many allergic reactions from medicines, but most of the medicines have only small (or maybe no) effects. Drug allergies can come with a mild local rash, itching, swelling, or mucus production that end up with stuffy nose during pregnancy. These specific allergies may appear when women first take the drug with too much doses.

Sinusitis — Sinusitis is another reason of stuffy nose during pregnancy. It is actually an inflammation of the sinuses that cause an infection from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other body immune system problems. Sinusitis can end up with headaches or pressure around eyes, cheek, nose, and other part of the head. Some people may also have a cough, bad breath, fever, and other symptoms due to this sinus infection.

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