Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose At Night

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose at Night — Generally, stuffy nose is the most common symptoms of sinus infection. It can also be a symptom of chronic cold or allergy. Many people suffer a condition of stuffy nose they usually call as “stuffy nose at night”, because many stuffy noses get worse at night. It is caused by an inflammation of blood vessels in the nostrils membranes that show up an after effect usually at night. Adults are the main target of stuffy nose at night, while infants can suffer this too. It is dangerous for babies to get stuffy nose at night because they cannot breathe easily.

However, it is to be known that there is no significant difference of stuffy nose at night and at day. The main problem of stuffy nose at night is that while sleeping, the accumulated mucus cannot drain as properly as during the day. This ends up with severely blocked nose.

Why do I Get a Stuffy Nose at Night?

  1. Sinus infection can be a great cause. This infection usually worsens at night when the affected person sleeps or lies down. In this sleeping position, the drainage of the sinus may happen at the back part of the throat, ends up with an irritation. Different sleeping position can affect different stuffy nose at night. For example, if a person lies on his left body side, then the left nostril is more likely to get stuffy nose at night.
  2. Some people are affected by stuffy nose at night due to allergic to bedding materials, like pillow, blankets, and so on.
  3. Defect in the septum (a dividing part between tissues or cavities) may become one of the most common cause of stuffy nose at night. It can make the not only make the nose blocked during the night but also during the day. This defect is known to happen because of an injury.
  4. Chronic stuffy nose at night is the most common disease people suffer. About seventy million people visit and see their doctor due to this condition. Actually, there is no clear explanation of what causes stuffy nose at night, but many researchers believe that chronic stuffy nose at night is because of fungi attack to the immune system.

Home Remedies for Stuffy Nose at Night

I have told you there are no special differences between stuffy nose at night and at day. And so do the home remedies for stuffy nose at night. However, there are several things you may concern to get rid of stuffy nose at night.

  • You can use a vaporizer at your room to keep your room vapored. It will keep the mucus moist and you can get rid of stuffy nose at night.
  • Alternatively, you can install cool mist humidifier at your room to keep the level of humidity in your room at a good level. It will avoid you from getting stuffy nose at night.
  • Keep yourself warm and comfortable during your sleep. Prepare everything before you go to your bed: turn off the air conditioner, relaxing music (maybe), a glass of milk before sleep, and so on.
  • Remember, do not smoke before sleeping. Smoking is dangerous and it becomes the main cause of not only stuffy nose at night but also many respiratory diseases like sinus infection or even lung cancer.
  • You can take some medicines like decongestants and anti-inflammatory analgesics like ibuprofen before you sleep. It is one of the most effective home remedies for stuffy nose at night. For particular kind of stuffy nose, like stuffy nose caused by allergic reactions, you can go to the drugstores and ask them which medicines are perfect for your special kind of allergic reactions.
  • Keep your head higher than other parts of your body while sleeping. Maintain an elevated position of your head. You can use more than one pillow and arrange them in such a way so that your head stays higher. This sleeping position can encourage proper sinus drainage.
  • Sniffling is not good for your nose. It will pull in the mucus into your lungs and stretch the healing period. Always carry soft tissues so you can blow your nose whenever you feel you need to flow away the mucus. Remember, always blow your nose gently and softly!

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