How to Get Rid of a Stuffy Nose Fast Naturally


Stuffy Nose (another term: Nasal Congestion or Clogged Nose), an annoying symptom of obstruction in nose, causes breathing difficulty. The fact is that people use nose to breathe in and out. If the flow of air in nose is blocked, you will find it hard to breathe. It happens due to the congestion of mucus in your nose (this is the common cause of the clogged nose).

Besides, a stuffy or blocked nose is also caused by the inflammation of blood vessels in the sinuses. The main causes of inflamed blood vessels are usually a common cold, normal allergies, the flu or a slight sinus infection. Therefore, there are many reasons why you have a stuffy nose.

However, stuffy nose is a very common thing because everyone at least has a stuffy nose in their life. Generally, people at all ages can face with “chronic” or “acute” stuffy nose. Although a stuffy nose is not dangerous to your health, it can cause troubles in breathing. You should not ignore a stuffy nose because it has some latent problems that are not predicted. In addition, if a stuffy nose is not treated properly, it can turn into “chronicity”. Moreover, each person has different levels of a stuffy nose. It depends on many factors that you can find below.


There are many causes that lead to stuffy nose. Below are some main causes:

Different Levels of Inflamed Blood Vessels in Nose

– Sinusitis: Chronic sinusitis is more popular than acute sinusitis. According to the study, recently, there is a significant increase in the number of people who have sinus infections. The main cause is air pollution.
– Hay fever: Being known as allergic rhinitis. When having a cold, people can face with nasal congestion.
– Flu: It is similar to a common cold. Common symptom is clogged nose.
– A common cold: If you have a common cold, you can encounter with a headache, sneezing, runny nose, and blocked nose.
– Tumours (Non-cancerous) in nose: Although this is not dangerous to health, it can cause problems in breathing because of the block of airflow in nose
– Rhinitis (Vasomotor Rhinitis or Atrophic Rhinitis): A common symptom is Nasal stuffiness.
– Injury or abnormal objects in nose: Causes obstruction of the airflow in nose.
– A deviated septum: Clogged Nose (blockage of one or both nostrils)
– Disorders (Endocrine Disorders/Sensation Disorders): Nasal Congestion.
– Congenital defect in nose: Clogged Nose.

Besides, there are some ambient factors that cause a stuffy nose; and it is inevitable.

In modern life, the air is more polluted. Many harmful gases are released daily by factories. These harmful things with large quantity are increasing significantly under no control. Therefore, when you inhale these harmful gases, you can have the stuffy nose. In addition, if you often breathe in and out in atmosphere air conditioning, you can easily have the stuffy nose.

Your nose which is a sensitive part can be easily hurt by the impact of environment. If your nose is working continuously, you can face with sinus infections. The abnormal objects in the air can stay in your nose for long time when you breathe in. In addition, if your immune system is weak, particularly, when the climate changes suddenly in no cycle, it can impact on your health negatively, especially, respiratory organs. Moreover, if you take care your nose inappropriately, you can get it infected.

In brief, a stuffy nose is normally caused by bacteria or viral infection, which comes in form of flu, common cold or sinus infection. A stuffy nose affects millions of people worldwide but severity of the  infection can range from minor to severe.  Severe cases can have difficult in speaking, hearing and even sleeping but mild cases experience only difficulty in breathing. Bacteria or viral infection normally affects people with weak immune systems such the elderly and young children. It can also affect people with various allergies related to airborne substances such as dust, plant pores and mold which can be inhaled and cause irritation inside the nose.

The bacteria and virus infection causes the release of histamines, which are chemical substances that reduce the permeability of body vessels. Reduced permeability in vessels inside the nose can lead to nasal blockage in newborn infants and pregnant women because they have increased blood flow in their bodies. Newborn babies can only breathe with their noses and nasal congestion can seriously affect breastfeeding of the child and cause difficulty in breathing. It is advisable to seek medical attention if your newborn infant is showing any symptoms of nasal blockage on the onset.

Quite a number of people think that a nose gets stuffy or congested from too much mucus.  In most cases, the nose gets stuffy because of swollen tissues in the nose which is a condition caused by inflamed blood vessels. Other minor factors that can cause a stuffy nose are air pollution, nasal sprays (when used more than the prescribed period may make nasal stuffiness worse) pregnancies, hay fever and other allergies.


People who have stuffy nose can encounter with the following common symptoms:

– Congestion of mucus in nose (your nose is blocked with mucus)
– Breathing difficulty because the airflow in nose is blocked by mucus or related things. Some people have to try to breathe through mouth rather than nose, but no success!
– Easy to sneeze
– Sinus is infected and swells up. You can feel pain in your nose

Home Remedies

The first thing that runs through our mind when we have a stuffy nose is how to get rid of a stuffy nose. A stuffy nose is a very irritating condition that prevents you from breathing nose normally. It usually affects people during the cold season and is accompanied by a common cold. When we have this condition, we not only have hard time breathing, but our sleep is also affected. This leaves us looking for home remedies to help us get rid of a stuffy nose.

Home remedies for a stuffy nose are not very effective and also easily available. If you are looking for ways to get rid of a stuffy nose, then let us begin by looking at easy ways you can you can try at home. You can be sure that the home remedies we are going to discuss are things you have in your kitchen and they do not produce side effects.

To Do

When your nose is stuffed up, what you should do? There are several questions coming to your mind like: Why do your nose get stuffy? What causes your nose to get stuffy? What do you do when you have a stuffy nose? What to do if you have a stuffy nose? What to do with a stuffy nose? What to do about a stuffy nose? In this article, you will find out how to get rid of a stuffy nose easily, quickly, and naturally at home (with or without medicines)

Below are some home remedies that you can try to treat your stuffy nose naturally and effectively (common one).

Hot Tea

health_benefits_of_green_tea_1981_15_cA common cold can cause the stuffy nose. If your immune system is weak, you can easily get a common cold. In this case, A hot tea can be very useful for your health. It can help you have comfortable feelings, warm your body, and boost your immune system. When your immune system is strong, you can get rid of a cold. Without a cold, without a stuffy nose! The hot tea that you should drink to get the best results: ginger tea, mint tea or green tea.

– Ginger tea: Prepare a ginger and two cups of water (according to proven formula, mix two cups of water with a ginger for best results). Then boil this mixture for about 10 minutes. After that take out the residue of ginger. Next, pour the water into a cup, and add some sugar, and honey into the cup (it will give better results if you put some more drops of lemonade into the cup). Drink a cup of ginger tea for every 2-3 hours until the rheum runs out. Repeat the process until the stuffy nose is over .

– Herbal tea: some useful herbs such as peppermint (mint), rosemary, and thyme can help relieve a blocked nose. Make a cup of tea from one of these herbs, and drink it (2-3 cups of tea per day)

Spicy Foods

spicyEating spicy foods can help you get rid of a stuffy nose easily and effectively. In addition, adding more chilli and pepper into your foods is recommended if you want to cure your stuffy nose quickly. The study showed that hot and spicy foods can help people get rid of a common cold quickly and effectively.

Therefore, when eating hot and spicy foods, you can “eliminate” gum like mucus in your nose naturally. As a result, you can get rid of clogged nose; and you can breathe in and out easily. Make sure you are able to eat spicy foods if you choose this method to eliminate a stuffy nose.

Note: Eating suitable amount of spicy foods is good enough to help you cure blocked nose.

Use Dilute Saline

saline-20-vials-packYou can make dilute saline yourself or you can go to the pharmacy stores near you to buy one.

Tilt your head upwards and your neck skywards, then put 1 – 2 drops of dilute saline into your nose. Breathe in slightly in order to let the dilute saline cover your inside nose fully and clean nasal cavity easily. You can feel that your nose is unblocked significantly. Wait for some minutes to see if the situation of your nose is improved much or not; then you can stop or continue to put more drops of dilute saline into your nose.

Note: Make sure you don’t overuse dilute saline.

Smell Onion

Red Onion with Slice and RingsFor many people, onion has strong and annoying odour; they cannot stand it. However, when you have a common cold and have a stuffy nose, you should consider using onion to cure your stuffy nose.

Onion has great efficiency to help you fight against and get rid of the stuffy nose. Peel off and cut an onion into small pieces or pound and grind an onion; and then cover it with a piece of thin cloth. After that smell it for some minutes or smell it until you can unblock your nose.

Using this method gives no side effects.

Horseradish Root

horseradishHorseradish root is used to treat the stuffy nose effectively and naturally at home. Horseradish root can help unblock your nose, improve the circulation of blood, and stimulate the process of runny mucus removal in your nose.

To get the best results, you should grind the Horseradish Root into powder, make soup of the power, and eat a half of spoon. You can buy Horseradish Root at supermarkets or at flea markets at reasonable prices.

Note: You should avoid eating this soup when you are hungry because it can impact on the stimulation of stomach.


steamingSteaming can also help your body evacuate harmful substances, stimulate the flow of blood in your body, have comfortable feelings, and fight against diseases like a common cold.

Try to breathe in and out properly when steaming if you want to get rid of the stuffy nose quickly. If you apply the method appropriately, the hot water will vaporize into your nose effectively. The vaporization will help unblock your nose significantly. Therefore, you can breathe in and out easily and naturally like you don’t have the stuffy nose.

Note: You should keep suitable distance in order to avoid being burnt from “the direct heat”.


garlic-with-parsley-fbGarlic, one of great seasonings, is not only used to cook, but also is used to treat the clogged nose. Peel off and grind garlic; then extract it to get water. You can also add some honey and the extraction of Aloe vera into the extraction of garlic. After that, use a swab, and put it into the mixture (the extraction of garlic, the extraction of Aloe vera, and honey); next, put the swab on your nostril around 5-10 minutes (don’t forget to breathe in slightly).

You will be able to breathe in and out normally after trying for sometimes. No side effects are found from using this method to cure your stuffy nose.


massageUse your thumb and your index finger (or two index fingers) to slightly massage your nose bridge and area around your nose. Repeat the process for many times in day until you can breathe in and out easily and normally.

Note: you can use massage oil when massaging your nose bridge and areas near your nose. This method helps relieve your stuffy nose. The effectiveness may be slow, but natural and popular to cure stuffy nose.


Eat Chicken Soup

chicken soupFrom the past up to now, people in many countries have eaten chicken soup to cure the common cold. However, scientists showed that chicken soup can also help treat the stuffy nose efficiently. Moreover, if we add some more garlic, chilli, and lemonade into the chicken soup, we can increase the savour of the soup and cure the stuffy nose effectively.

This healthy soup also provides good nutrition to your body. All you need is to prepare chicken meat and necessary seasonings to make delicious and nutritious soup.

Note: Eating chicken soup while it is still hot is recommended to get best results.

Drink Water (or Stay Hydrated)

Front-image_drinking-waterWater is considered as one of the most important elements in body. Therefore, when you have a common cold and stuffy nose, you should drink lots of water. Water will help dilute the mucus in nose and increase the ability of recovery when you have a common cold. You should drink 8-10 glasses of water every day (warm water is better) if you want to boost your immune system and keep healthy.

Note: This method doesn’t give instant results. Therefore, you should be patient to “see” and “feel” the effectiveness of this method.

Eucalyptus Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Essential OilEucalyptus Oil (Eucalyptus), being sold widely in pharmacy stores, can help cure chest pain and unblock your nose if you have the stuffy nose. By inhaling Eucalyptus Oil deeply, you can get rid of stuffy nose. According to the study, whenever you have a stuffy nose, you can use put some drops of Eucalyptus Oil into a small bottle, and inhale the oil for several times; then you can get rid of the clogged nose. In addition, you can mix about 10-15 drops of Eucalyptus Oil with warm water and bathe in this mixture. Don’t forget to breathe in and out deeply while bathing to get the best results.


Lemonade & Honey

Honey-LemonadeMix a spoon of honey with some drops of lemonade, then put the mixture into a glass of warm water and stir it well. Drink 3 glasses every day to get the best results. The mixture of lemonade and honey will help cure the stuffy nose and cough effectively.

In addition, drinking lemonade and honey is also good for your skin and health. Therefore, no worry about side effects when using this method.


Use Mustard Oil

Mustard-OilThe quickest and most effective way is putting some drops of mustard oil into your nostrils, and then wait for some minutes. You can breathe in and out easily and normally.

This method can give instant results since mustard oil has strong scent. Make sure you wait for suitable distance of time to put more drops of mustard oil if you want to get best results. This method gives no side effects.


Drink Tomato Juice

Tomato-JuiceDrinking fruit juice can help relieve from nasal congestion, especially, tomato.

Tomato, rich in vitamin C, A, …, can help get rid of an annoying stuffy nose efficiently. It will give better results if you use warm water to make tomato juice.

According to the proven formula, you should boil the tomato juice, and then add a spoon of lemonade, and some extraction of garlic. To get the best results, you should drink two glasses per day.

Chew Basil

basil-leafBasil has special flavor which can help treat a clogged nose. You can grind the basil leaves and make a cup of tea from the extraction of basil leaves. In addition, you can  chew basil leaves to get rid of a stuffy nose at home. To get the best results, you should chew a few of basil leaves before having breakfast and after having dinner.

The effectiveness of this method is considered as average level, but no side effects.


Use Warm Compress

warm-compress-optYou will find that using a warm compress can help you get a quick relief from a clogged nose. By placing a warm compress on your nose bride, you can breathe in and out easily. The warm steam will help dilute mucus and cure the swelling of blood vessels in your nose. Placing a warm compress on your forehead can also help you recover from a common cold quickly.

You can also place the warm compress on your ears around 10-15 minutes before going to bed. It will help you feel better. The small nerves in ears will help regulate blood in nose. When encounter high temperature, blood vessels will dilate and help relieve a stuffy nose.

Inhale Vinegar

VinegarLike onion, vinegar has strong scent which can help unblock your nose when you have a stuffy nose. By boiling some vinegar in a bowl, and breathing its vapour slightly, deeply, and regularly for some minutes, you can get rid of a blocked nose quickly.

Inhaling can give you quick results, but sometimes it depends on different situations. No side effects are found!



FenugreekLike ginger, Fenugreek has a good use of a stuffy nose treatment. Prepare a kettle with full water and some Fenugreek seeds. Then boil them. Next, pour the boiling water into a cup, and let it be warm. Drink 2-3 cups a day to treat nasal congestion.



Drink Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple-cider-vinegar1Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar can help cure a blocked nose as well. Put a spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar into a glass of warm water, then stir it well. Drink 1-2 glasses of this mixture to ease your blocked nose at home.




Use Nasal Sprays

sprayWhen having a stuffy nose, you can use nasal sprays to help you relieve your stuffy nose. However, don’t overuse these nasal sprays too much if you don’t want to face with side effects.





As you can see the causes of a stuffy nose above. There are many reasons why you can have the stuffy nose. You can prevent yourself from a stuffy nose by applying the following methods.

* Say no with smoking

Your sinus gland is easily hurt and your sinus membrane can be swelled by the smoke of cigarettes if you are smokers (heavy smokers can face with serious troubles in sinus). People who are passive smoking or secondhand smoking can face with the problem in sinus as well. As a result, they encounter Chronic sinusitis. Smokers who have Chronic sinusitis don’t know the cause of the stuffy nose, but the main one is tobacco smoke. Therefore, if you want to prevent yourself from the stuffy nose, you should stop smoking right away.

* Bathe in warm water

You can be attacked easily by diseases when you are tired or exhausted. It is recommended that you should bathe in warm water (mixture of warm water, and mint oil or ginger) if you want to prevent yourself from diseases like a common cold.

* Keep the air in house moist

One of the most common causes of a stuffy nose is the lack of moisture in the air caused by climate change. Therefore, you can easily have a clogged nose, especially, in autumn or winter. It is recommended that you should keep the moisture in your room appropriately. According to the study, the appropriate temperature  in rooms should be at 28 C.

* Keep your bed clean

There are million of dead cells dropping from our body for every night before we go to bed. The accumulation of these dead cells will increase day by day; and this causes breathing difficulty including a clogged nose. Therefore, you should always keep bed sheet, mat, blanket, and pillows clean. By doing so, you can keep the air clean and fresh in bedroom. In winter, your skin can turn into dry easily because of the dry air. In addition, lots of dead cells drop from your body. It is not good for your health and respiratory organs. Studies have shown that you can prevent yourself from a stuffy nose by washing your bed sheet, mat, blanket, and pillows once a week.

There are various treatments for a stuffy nose because each cause is different from each other. Therefore, when you have a stuffy nose, you should determine causes properly and clearly in order to get the right treatments. For common cases, you can apply common treatments at home. For particular cases, you should go to see doctors for appropriate diagnosis and treatments.

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